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A bulk system is another kind of centralized system designed to perform centralized replenishment of the lubrication pumps.
If there are numbers of lubrication pumps and they have to be replenished with lubrication often, the bulk system is a good solution because all the lubrication pumps are connected with pipe lines and replenished by a central heavy duty refill pump instead of being replenished individually.
The bilk system cuts down manpower and equipment for lubricant replenishment, and reduces consumption and waste of lubricant through higher efficiency in lubricant replenishment.
Steel & Iron plant
Forging machine line
Press line
Reservoir : 400 ~ 20,000ℓ
Supply Pump : 5 ~ 16ℓ/min
Booster Pump : 4 ~ 10ℓ/min
Filler Valve Ass'y